Battlefield 3 – Mission 6 – Comrades – pt1of2

by on April 1, 2012

Battlefield 3 was released in October 2011. It is the best warfare first person shooter in 2011. I consider Battlefield 3 is the best game for 2011 and it should be on your list of games. PC version is strongly dominating over Xbox360 or PS3 with visuals and massive 64 player multiplayer. This game has very good graphics, very good physics, level destruction. Developers combine some goodies from other games like Crysis 1, COD, etc. Look like they were listening closely to gamers. I did not like a lot that they stolen idea with torture guy from call of duty black ops, they could bring their own idea. I really like to play sometimes on maximum visuals the singleplayer of great game hits and this game has a good singleplayer – definitely worth to try. Russian missions feels so organic not plastic like before in games. Sometimes it will be like Brat film for russian folks out there. Nicely done. Only one russian character had accent, but overall this is the first game that underlined true russian mentality. This video was recorded with Moroz Video Capture software and Moroz Video Converter software to convert final video. I used Moroz Video Capture software to capture my gameplay in real time on the same computer that game was running. No other video capturing devices was involved. I captured my video in semi raw format that took half storage space vs uncompressed raw format but delivered about same quality. Than I used Moroz Video Converter software that came with Moroz
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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