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by on February 6, 2012

Roland SP555 Sampler - Nevada Music Uk Roland have been manufacturing the popular SP range of phrase samplers for over a decade now. Originally, these units were pretty basic, with just a few seconds sample time and limited featuresmuch has changed, as the latest addition to the range is keen to show. The SP-555 is rammed with innovative new features, is fast, powerful and very easy to use. Grabbing sounds has never been easier via either a line input, phantom-powered Mic input, USB audio streaming, or WAV/AIFF import. Once your audio has been captured, the 555s powerful effects processor can be used to manipulate and transform soundits even possible to do this sound capturing and manipulating on the fly, perfect for DJs or other live performers. Memory is expandable up to 2GB via and option Compact flash card, giving you up to a massive 12 hours recording time! Amongst the other realtime controls featured is Rolands famous D-BEAM. This invisible beam can be used to control filters, trigger samples or jam on a synth (much in the way you would play a theromin). The fun visual element will really bring a new dynamic to any live performance. Onboard Effects The SP-555 provides 37 types of powerful DSP effects to manipulate your sounds. These high quality effects include Delay, Voice Transformer, Isolator, and the unique Super Filter and DJFX Looper. Whether you what to polish a sound up or really give it some dirt, the highly versatile effects offer almost everything youll need. The Effect
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