Amy Winehouse – I Heard Love is Blind

by on August 3, 2012

Talented Amy Winehouse frequently performs her songs under the influence of god knows what. I decided to pull an “Amy Winehouse” one night and record one of her songs while drunk in the hopes that hilarity would ensue– but I just ended up smiling a lot. … and yes I know that the annoying green-fonted Digital Media Converter Trial Version is ever present throughout the video. And no, it’s not coming off anytime soon. Added July 24,2011: I can’t begin to express the remorse I felt upon hearing of her passing. Yes, the words I used here were a bit tacky and distasteful (moreso, now because of the recent news), but anyone choosing to remember Amy Winehouse in the manner that I jokingly had described her most likely hasn’t been exposed to the true talent that she had. I’m so sad… RIP
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A long video – mouse eating action starts about 12 minutes in. First I feed her the large gecko to see if she’s interested… then the mouse… Malay Pit Vipers are odd striking snakes. They are very calm until they just jump-strike and surprise you. ViperKeeper on Youtube calls these “finger-rotters”. You can guess why. Her fangs are LARGE for a snake under a meter. Watch how she walks the mouse into her mouth and throat using the fangs as fingers. Very cool. Don’t miss the strike at the end – which I had no idea was coming. Camera: Sony Cybershot H20. I converted the mp4 file using Quick Media Converter (free) to put it into a 1280×720 .avi. from there I used moviemaker in XP and created the movie and rendered it in 720×480 at high quality (250+MB) for YT. All this instead of get a MAC Powerbook and use iMovie or Final Cut. I think the quality is OK – gotta check once YT gets through rendering it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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