Tina Dico and Helgi Jonsson “The Road” in Seattle

by on July 24, 2012

Lyrics: www.tinadico.com Tina Dico and Helgi Jonsson perform “The Road” as the final encore at the Triple Door in Seattle, Washington on October 7, 2009. www.helgijonsson.com and http If you have an opportunity, please see these artists live. (Original MTS file was 850MB, converted to a 3GB WMV file using Windows Media Converter, then downconverted to a 300MB WMV file to upload to YouTube.) Please excuse my sighs near the beginning of the video. The waiter decided to come and talk to the table in front of me for the first minute of Tina and Helgi’s beautiful performance of “The Road.” Helpful hint to said waiter: If you want a good tip, don’t ruin a big table’s experience at their favorite artist’s concert.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I hope the lyrics are right guys. If they aren’t then suck it up. This is the only video on youtube that I’ve seen that has the music. HERE’S HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE MP3! go to this site www.zamzar.com delete the in the STEP 1 part. Then copy and paste the URL for this video into the STEP1 part. Then in STEP 2 choose the format you want (more than likely MP3). Then enter your email in STEP 3. Then when you get the email just do what it says in the message. You can also use another media converter if you want. I OWN NOTHING! ALL MUSIC GOES TO THE SUITABLE OWNERS

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