Gorillaz – The Fall (Full album) (For Mp3 Conversion)

by on July 15, 2012

This is the full 43 minute long The Fall album from Gorillaz with no stop for anyone who wants the entire Longplay of the album. This video is for converting into Mp3 file only. The copyrights and legal rights belong to EMI and the other respective owners of the songs, album, and Gorillaz. To get the Mp3 download www.video2mp3.net 1.Phoner to Arizona 0:00 2.Revolving Doors 4:16 3.HillBilly Man 7:41 4.Detroit 11:31 5.Shy-town 13:35 6.Little Pink Plastic Bags 16:28 7.The Joplin Spider 19:40 8.The Parish of Space Dust 23:03 9.The Snake in Dallas 25:28 10.Amarillo 27:40 11.The Speak It Mountains 31:03 12.Aspen Forest (featuring Paul Simonon) 33:01 13.Bobby in Phoenix (featuring Bobby Womack) 35:56 14.California and the Slipping of the Sun 39:18 15.Seattle Yodel 42:37
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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