Single Speed Conversion – How to

by on June 19, 2012

PART LIST BELOW. How to convert your geared mountain bike into a single speed. This video assumes you have the basic tools and know-how for regular bike maintenance and shows you the basics of setting up a single speed mountain bike. Part List (used in this video) Chain – SS specific, 8 or 9 speed cut to length (old SRAM 970) Crankset (old 3-ring fifteenG crankset with large and small rings removed) Short chainring bolts (Sugino Single Chainring bolt set) Chainring – SS preferred with no ramps or pins (Surly 33t, 104mm) Cog (Shimano single speed steel, non-threaded 18t) Lockring (used the lockring from a SRAM 9-speed cassette) Spacer kit (Spot Brand SS spacer kit) Rear hub (standard 8/9 speed Shimano XT) Chain Tensioner – (NuVinci, but currently use a Surly Singleator)
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